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In this Vedic land of India, various types of facts about Astrology have been provided from time to time by the scholars. After continuous research and analysis of Vedas and Puranas on the ancient base from the subjects, the great sage Bhrigu wrote down the Bhrigu – Samhita, for welfare of human beings. Splitting the word Jyotish (astrology), we get Jyoti + Eesh i.e. Light of God or Light given by God. It has been provided by the Nature-Person SHIV – SHAKTI for our complete guidance in the form of Jyotish (astrology). Through this strange field of knowledge, the astrologers predict the effects related to the body, the spiritual as well as physical effects of past, present and future incidents of the human beings, related to their past as well as present life.

Here we try to speak of some such astrological facts that arise as doubts in the human mind, due to which this field of Astrology could not be recognized as a pure science. It is bad luck of humans. As it is impossible to measure the depth of oceans, in the same way, without deep knowledge of astrology, it is impossible to mention the exact result of any human being.

Earlier we have told that this is a technique directly provided by the Nature Person for human welfare, which was first given by Lord Shiva to Lord Brahma. After that, under the guidance of Mahirishis and for the purpose of human welfare, Brahmins have been relieving mankind from rarest of the natural disasters, death, diseases, poverty etc, with the help of Astrology and Karma-kanda.

Due to these reasons, Astrology is also known as BRAHMA VIDYA (divine knowledge). Study of the techniques described in Vedas has revealed that Astrology is a secret hidden in the Divine power which should be practiced only by Astrologers who believe in God. Our ancient books describe that existence of Astrology in this extreme age of Kaliyuga is due the penance of great sages. The knowledge of Astrology was provided by the ultimate supreme God to the Sun God, in this Universe. That is why Sun is considered the soul of human- beings and the master of all planets.

Breathing, the cause of human existence, is obtained by the mercy of Nature. Persons who do not believe on this field of knowledge, are not the least trustworthy, and due to the unfavorable position of Moon and the Mercury in their personal horoscope, their mind and thoughts do not accept any Natural thing and accept the Un-Natural things. Such people doubt the existence of even their parents, relatives, friends, God and the Universe. The human or animal life is decided on the basis of the acts of the fate and the destiny is created. Chance and luck arise due to the acts of the destiny. The chance and luck decide the bad condition or the well-being of the person.

The will of the “do” controls in this Universe the luck, bad luck, straight or inclined path, high-low and friend-foe on the basis of position of the planets. This micro analysis is done by Scholars, according to place, time and the situation of the planets in the horoscope of the individual. The accuracy of the forecast about any person depends upon the depth of knowledge of the astrologer, his spiritual power and his experience of the subject. As a result, the forecasts done by the astrologers are found to be 80% correct. So, this field of knowledge is complete in itself. But due to insufficient knowledge and inability of the astrologers, doubts have been arising about the forecasts.

It should be known that as we get the direct results of the miracles of God by having faith in him, in the same way, by having faith in astrology and talented astrologers, we can get miraculous experiences in our life.

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