According to Indian Astrology, the Varshphal contains positive and negative influences arising due to movement of the planets , on the human life under the 12 zodiacs. On its basis, the planetary position of the planets in the Lagna-kundali of the horoscope is found; the situations through which the person will pass in the 12 months and the effect of the moving planets on him. The analysis of all these effects is called the VARSH PHAL. Humans can predict the good or bad results coming in future on the basis of varshphal. In Vedic astrology, a very ancient system for calculation of varshphal has been described in which the astrologer or the fore teller can predict the time and situation, affecting the person , with the help of the Lagna kundali, chandra kundali, present Maha dasha, antar dasha and the pratyantar dasha. Therefore Varsh Phal has its own importance in Astrology. Observation of the position of planets in each of the twelve months under the 12 zodiacs is done with the help of sutras of the VarshPhal. The analysis of the daily, weekly, fortnightly, monthly, quarterly, half yearly, and annual Phalas {results} is also done with these Sutras. This field of knowledge is known as the VARSHPHAL.

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