Sade Sati


Out of the nine planets, Saturn is the only planet that affects human life from birth to death, more than other planets. According to horoscope, Saturn has the mahadasha of 19 years. For a major portion of any mahadasha, antar dasha or pratyantar dasha, there is the sadhe saati and adhaiya of the Saturn. Its influence is so great that it has the capacity to change the direction and condition of human life.

It can change virtuous people from beggars to kings and wicked people from kings to beggars in a moment. Untimely death in accident or death after long disease – both are proofs of angry situation of Saturn. When the law and society is unable to control an unjust, tyrant, and terrorist ruler or person, and the common people are forced to bear his sins quietly, then God Saturn interferes through his Kal Chakra and saves the suffering people. There is another peculiarity of Saturn which separates it from other planets. It pairs with the killer elements, displaces them, becomes the Markesh and controls the whole incidence.

The system of Prashna Kundli is an indispensable part of the Astrological Sutras, and is used in making Prashna Kundli to get the answers regarding past, present and future.

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