Mangal Dosha


When any person (jataka) goes for horoscope matching, in front of Astrologer divjacharya, scholar Brahmin, masters, or icons of faith, then the person has hearty wish in his mind that he/she will get good guideline for this pious relation. Every Master astrologer does not need to do business of his/her knowledge or guidance and supposing person’s (jataka) faith as own private work and has to do best, fair and balanced statement of marriage horoscope.

In birth horoscope; mangal-yoga, long age – less age, children Yoga, affection-disaffection in husband and wife, poison girl – poison groom, drab, or Aacharhin Yoga, panchpanigrahe dosha, vajarniya, prayathnatah means with effort five Vajarniya Yoga – draridryam death, disease Vyadhi poshchalyamanpatyata, Draridrya Yoga, durmaran sudden death, physical disease, napunshakta, rajviryabalabal, validness-emaciation of mind, Yoga must be viewed. All the above mention Yoga are important in married life.

Lagne Wyye Ch Patale Jamitre Chashtame Kujah! Kanya bhartuvinashaya bhatrkanya vinashaka!! When in any birth horoscope if Mangal (Mars) is at first, fourth, seventh, eighth or twelfth place, then MANGLIK YOGA is formed. If Mangal Yoga is in the girl (bride) horoscope, then it will affect the boy (bridegroom) and if in boy (bridegroom) horoscope, it is fatal for girl (bride) and considered unlucky. Seventh place of horoscope is related with sorrow and happiness in martial life. The sorrow & happiness depends on house planets and their planetary effects of Kundli. Mars is fire element, gloom, staple, fiery in nature. Mars posited at 1, 4, and 12 place of a horoscope sees the seventh gesture with full point of view. It Burns (hurts) them having in seventh and eighth gesture. Its sharp effect is cause of sorrow. Falit Astrology believes that eighth gesture is connected to marital life. Planets posited at 1, 4, 7, 8, 12 are also the sin and rude planets (like Rahu, Ketu, Sun, Saturn etc) and effective like Mars. Be Careful as the seventh gesture factor is Sun and factor of mind is Moon. So, this combination should also be considered even from the Sun and the Moon. If both Bridegroom and bride horoscopes have same Mars, then there will be not any problem in their life and increase in enjoyment will be seen. A horoscope of 1, 4, 7,8 and 12 gesture in which at any place if Saturn, Mars or other sin planets are placed and having majority of same planets in each other’s birth cart or in jnmangchakra, then bhomdosh will end.

We come to know by viewing all these points that approx. 60 percent horoscopes are affected by Mangal Dosham, kalsarpyoga, gandmuldosh etc evil of planets in human life. Its main cause is Pitr Dosham. Those person (jatako) who have curiosity of knowing come to know according to time of effect of these defects in his own life of events or by God’s Mercy in life. But those people who do not find it, fall prey of untoward.

So it is request to all human beings of the world – do not fall in any disorientation and contact qualified predictors for knowing your own horoscope and through this heaven’s incredible knowledge “Astrology”, get solutions of all the doubts, adopt a happy life and at least explain the importance of Astrology to our upcoming generation.

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