Lal Kitab Horoscope 2015


Abridged edition of the ancient Vedic astrology was prepared in the form of LAL KITAB. Practice of Lal Kitab is not very old. According to ancient astrologists, astrology in the form Lal Kitab has been in use since 1995. Under this, the Falit part has been updated and software has been developed. It means that the Falit part of janma [lagna] kundali, chandra kundali, nav masa, nirian kundali etc. has been collected and presented in the form of Lal Kitab. Being similar to Vedic astrology, the Faladesh described in Lal Kitab is true. Except the lal kitab, no other form of astrology is available. Vedic astrology is like an ocean and for the common man; it is difficult to obtain minute information from Vedic astrology. Only the scholars having good command over all the organs of astrology are capable of predicting good Faladesh, but the Faladesh given by common astrologer shows some variations. Lal Kitab is an effort to minimize those variations.

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