Kundli represents the speed of Zodiacs with planetary cycle – it is decided or established by Indian astrology through which an expert astrologer makes 12 section boxes. Any person’s birth chart is prepared by putting planets in these 12 houses according to its angle of rotation. Person’s future prediction is done on the basis of planets and Zodiac posited at these 12 boxes (gesture). These 12 gestures (boxes) are related to all themes of human life. Planets also represent all the activity of human body and are given a particular name. For Example – Ascendant, Pratham bhav (first gesture) is called TANU which explains physical structure, color, shape, health, nature, joy-sorrow, and prediction about early life of human. Its coordination is explained with the help of ascendant, number of Tanu Bhav means Zodiac and other planets posit at same home (box). Like before treating any patient, ill person or injured person, or healthy person, an expert doctor firstly examines the facts of few body parts and for that they do subtle or micro examination of effective body part and then arrives at the conclusion. The same way, an astrology expert Brahmin or knowledgeable astrologer does the deep study of birth chart to help the person in getting rid of main troubles of their life – which can be three – TAAP somatic (cause by one’s body or mind), divinely (cause by nature like drought, flood and storm) and physical (cause by other living being).

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