Baby Names


According to Indian Astrology, there is trend of giving a name to every new born child through which, we know each person by his/ her given name. There is a ritual done at the time of baby’s birth known as Naming Ceremony.

Some words are created by Kundli (birth chart) made on the basis of person’s birth time constellation and Janm paya or pad and it is better to keep any child’s name according to that Namakshr (alphabet).

Keeping child name according to all the constellations of the alphabet gives children good impact of birth time constellation. For example, if a person born in 1. Ashwini constellation he/ she comes under Zodiac Aries, and its alphabet will be Chu, Che, Cho, LA 2. For Bharani Lee, Lu, Le, Lo which will be similar to 12 constellation 3. Uttra Falguani which comes under Virgo its alphabet will be Ta, Paa, Pii, etc. Similarly, scholars determine any newborn person’s name according to astrology constellation by seeing Astrology almanac (Panchang).

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