The Zodiac which arises in the sky on eastern horizon at the time of birth of any person, is located in first House of the Kundali (birth chart) and called “Ascendant”. All the 12 houses (bhav/sthan) are decided through rise of Zodiac on the basis of daily planets. There are different Ascendants in every horoscope respectively according to the twelve zodiacs and 12 Ascendant Kundali (birth charts) are built. For example, if zodiac of Aries birth chart is prepared, then person’s birth time is to be taken from the daily almanac (dainik panchang) from which that time, birth year and month is considered to find the Ascendant in birth chart. In the same way, every day from the sun rise to next sun rise of zodiac’s rotation will be there and with whose combination of planets, any person’ s Ascendant of birth would be determined. Similarly, Chandra Kundali, Lagna Kundali, Navmas kundali, etc. are prepared by calculating rotation of various planets and zodiacs.

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