Vastu Shastra


The description of the Vedas related with architecture is found in all the Vedas, Puranas and the books and through the major articles of those Vedas, the VASTU SHASTRA has come into fashion in this modern age. Since ancient times, the curious and learned people were desirous of constructing their living place according to nature. The heirs of the houses, built according to laws of Vastu-shastra, are able to enjoy those houses for ages, and for generations, one or the other heirs are available for them. On the other hand, if the houses are made randomly, no heir is left after three generations. In that situation, government undertakes all the property, land and the house.

The Red Fort, Qutub Minar, the Taj Mahal at Agra etc. are some such examples. Similarly, many buildings of the world have turned into ruins and are repeating history. On the other hand, many ancient buildings have their heirs and their families are looking after them even today. The Vedic literature describes the God of Architecture. Also there is a detailed analysis of the directions suitable for various things. Before any construction, the Vastu-expert tests the soil of the land then the shape of the land is considered. The base of the house is made after Vastu-worship. Then the construction of the building is started. Due to lack of knowledge and lack of consciousness, many buildings have been made against the rules of the Vastu. As a result, the people living in those buildings are facing diseases, debts, worry and sorrows. The people who construct or purchase buildings made according to Vastu, are able to avoid many accidents and spend a happy and pleasant life with their family and relatives. A good land is necessary for making a building. Square or rectangular plots are lucky while triangular or circular plots of land are not lucky. Thus a good building is necessary for everyone to live a happy life. The human desire is the cause of constructing or purchasing a building. A building can be lucky or unlucky for the people. A lucky building is one whose users {owner or on rent} get happiness, progress, success, wealth and multiple development. A lucky building is full of happiness. On the other hand, an unlucky building brings misfortune for the people.

Many times we hear people talking about haunted houses. In many houses people are seen to commit suicides, in many houses women become widows or unable to give birth to children, children get engaged in unsocial activities. Thus, living in such unlucky houses brings misfortune. The abode of the human being is responsible for their life-style, progress and success. If the residence has two or three types of faults, then that residence is affected by quarrel and poverty.

If the main gate, bed room, toilet, kitchen, the worshipping place are not according to Vastu, then that residence is just like a hell. The kitchen should not be situated in south-west otherwise it will destroy the mental peace of the family members. The entry to kitchen should not be in south, the face of the cooking person should be in the east, and if food is cooked after remembering the Sun God, that food will not cause any disease. It is Indian tradition to take out a small fraction from the cooked food for God with respect and later, it is given to animals and birds. The motto behind this is that man is the best creation of God. He has dominance over all the factors of production and is the master of all the resources, animals and birds are inferior to him. If man gives a portion of his food to these dumb creatures liberally, they get a satisfaction which becomes the base for his happy and prosperous life. This also provides a natural solution for the negative effects of planets on man as well as the Vastu-Dosha. In the thirteenth shloka of the third chapter of the Bhagawad-Gita, Lord Krishna says that man should not cook food for himself only.


It means – the people who eat the food grains left after the Yagya, get rid of all the sins. And those who cook food for the nutrition of their own body only, they eat the sin only.

So, the source of the best human life is the construction of residence according to Vastu and cooking food for the nutrition of the soul.

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