Swaroday is a simple method to find the answers to questions arising in the human mind. It is based on instruments. Satisfactory answer can be obtained through coordination between Hindi words and digits. For example- A-1 , Aa-2 , Ee-6 , I-3 , U-11 -4 , Ay-8 , Ai-9 , Au-5 , An-12 , O-13 , Ah-10, Ri-7. Thus, A-1 indicates victory, U-11 shows no progress, O-13 shows fulfillment of hope, Ri-7 ambition fulfillment, Aa-2 hope , U-4 difficulty gone , Au-5 do not hope , I-3 god’s wish , Ay-8 work loss , An-12 loss of desired result , Ee-6 god’s will is greatest , Ai-9 big defeat , Ah-10 receipt of good result etc. answer can be obtained.

1. You will get 100% victory in the work that you are thinking.

2. Full chances of completion of work. Don’t be disappointed and be alert towards your duty.

3. Do full effort, result is under God.

4. Your difficult time is over. All pre decided plans will be complete.

5. Do not start any work as there are chances of destruction of work.

6. Your destiny is being tested. Be engaged in your work, all desires will are under god’s will and will be fulfilled.

7. Be attentive to your thought, luck will accompany you.

8. Be alert, Your time is not favorable. Strong chances of loss by enemies.

9. Your desires will be fulfilled by worshipping goddess Bhagvati.

10. Time is favorable, relief from unlucky results and arrival of good results and enthusiasm.

11. Be devoted to your work, success is a bit far away.

12. Your mind is at unrest due to not getting desired result, do not travel and meditate.

13. Your all desires will be fulfilled, utilize your time, luck is with you. Some scholars of Swaroday are capable to answer accurately on the basis of speed of breathing and the above methods.

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