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There is a system of knowledge named “REKI” that has been adopted in Tibet vogue which is called hypnotism or TRATAK in Vedic Scripture. Through this REKI knowledge, trained Master or people become capable of giving answers of all questions arising in a human’s life. Using this REKI knowledge, people come to know about life’s upcoming trouble and its solution. In this system of knowledge, some Mantra are used and after accomplishing that Mantra, Tratak Yogi can easily do prediction about anyone’s daily routine, happiness, sorrow, diseases, pain, tension and other serious problems. This knowledge is not only famous in India but in many countries of the world. Some people try to misuse this knowledge; for example – for knowing what conspiracy any strong enemy is doing? A person has how much Money and where it is? Where is the missing Object? Where the upset person has gone and how it is? etc. If we use REKI Knowledge or any other Divine Knowledge or power for human welfare, then result will be good but if it is misused with bad feeling of revenge or for doing bad deed or for self-interest, then Tratak Yogi or person will get hurt. REKI is a kind of illusion knowledge which is specially used over only unusual person of 6 minds it means like varied secret knowledge. Reki is also famous and effective system of knowledge if it is not misused. REKI knowledge is specially used to know person’s mind and feelings to take his/her favour.

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