Ram Shalaka


There is no use introducing Ramshalaka Prashnawali to those who are acquainted with Ram Charit Manas, because nearly all the Vedic religious people are aware of this knowledge. In this system, the answers to the question are obtained from the stanzas of the Ramayana. The person, who wants to get the answer of his question through this system, should first of all recall Lord Rama. After that, with the question in his mind, he should place his finger in any one square of the Prashnawali. He should write down the letter in the square on a separate paper. He should continue this till his finger falls in the same first square. Reaching the ninth square, one stanza will be completed. This stanza will be the answer to the question asked. It should be noted that some squares contain only the vowel AA while some contain two letters. The vowel square and the square with two letters should not be left or counted twice.

For example:-

Ho ee hai sa ee jo ra m ra chi ra kha I

Ko ka ri ta ra ka ba dha wa hi sa sha II

This stanza is from Bal Kanda (shiv parvati samvad)

The questioner should realise the meaning of this answer, that the success is doubtful. It is better to leave it on the mercy of God.

Similarly another stanza from Bal Kanda when Lord Sita worships Goddess Gauri, Gauri blesses Sita:

Sunu siya satya asees hamari I

Pujahi man kaamana tumhari II

The question is good, and the work will be done.


Pravisi nagar keejai sab kaja I

Rhiday rakhi koshal pur raja II

Remember God and start the work, you will succeed.

Varun kuber suresh samira I

Ran san mukh dhari kahu na dhira II

This reference is from Lanka Kanda, after the death of Ravana, his wife Mandodari is weeping. This indicates that success is doubtful.

Sufal manorath hohu tumhare


Ramu Lakhanu suni bhay sudhare II

This stanza is from Bal Kanda, Vishwamitra blesses Ram and Lakshman at bringing flowers. It indicates that the question is good and success is sure.


Garal sudha ripu karahi nitayi I

Gopad sindhu anal sitalayi II

The reference is of the time when Lord Hanuman enters Lanka. Question is nice, success is sure. Thus a total of nine stanzas come out of the Ram Shalaka Prashnawali. They include the answers to all kinds of questions.

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