The complete formula to know the deep and unknown subjects of Future Knowledge and Human Life is the Vedic Astrology. For the prediction of future, astrology needs the date of birth, month, year, time and the place of birth of the person. Otherwise prediction is not possible. In earlier times, due to occurrence of errors In the future prediction, research was done on other Astrology related subjects and some more formulae were developed. Then, a detailed reading of the palm, its shape, and its elevated portions was done by expert palmists for future prediction. Palmistry is known as SAMUDRIC SHASTRA in the Vedas. According to the PURANAS, the description of Palmistry – Samudrik Shastra was found among the precious and secret sciences, obtained by SAMUDRA MANTHAN (churning of the ocean). Since ancient ages to the present time, the knowledge of Palmistry and its prediction is a matter of surprise to the curious people. Deep study of both palms, the number of lines, their clarity and the web formed by them reveal the most difficult of the facts. For eg. Manibandh line, Life line, Destiny line, Heart line, Brain line, Knowledge line, Marriage line, Finger and Parva lines, Shankh, Chakra, Varga, Cut, Tara, Parvat, depth of the Palm, its color, beauty/ ugliness of palms. On their basis, a lot of things can be predicted about any person. For any palmist, it is compulsory to study both the palms carefully and do the prediction on the basis of each line. At many places, the identity of people curious about this subject is found as a palmist. Mainly, the prediction done on the basis of horoscope, palm study and numeric science is found to be cent percent correct. In the above mentioned Palmistry, sole of the feet is also observed to know about certain things, like sea journey, imprisonment, journey, accident, murder, evil spirits etc., but the astrologer should be fully capable of identifying them to read their effect.

Ultimately, Palmistry is an inalienable part of Astrology, which is capable of revealing properly the facts indicated by the length, clarity and shape of the palm lines and the luck/ bad luck happening in the human life. Use of palmistry becomes extremely important when the true and clear description of the birth of the person is not available. The Vedic solutions and stones suggested on the basis of Palmistry are 100 % effective.

There is an incident. While an Astrologer was observing the palms of a person, another man came there to test that astrologer. His both the hands were missing. He smiled and asked the astrologer how he would forecast his future. The astrologer was normal; he asked him to sit down and said that he could tell the reason of loss of his hands by studying the sole of his feet. The astrologer got his feet washed and studied his soles for five minutes. He revealed that the person had fallen down during his journey as he was drunk. He got a fracture. Inspite of long treatment, his bones had dried up and had to be cut down. As the astrologer had noticed a straight line from ankle to the first finger which was broken and cut at 2–3 places, which indicates an accident due to evil deeds of man. It is a cause of the loss of body parts.

The disabled person bowed down his head at his feet and with tears in his eyes told that he had come to test the astrologer. He had been inspired by his knowledge and talent. He gave his horoscope to the astrologer. The astrologer found RAHU, MARS, and SATURN, all three in his KARMA BHAVA (field of action) due to which this accident had taken place in a marriage ceremony.

This incidence is real and not an imaginary one. Thus Palm Lines do exist and are fully capable of future prediction of humans.

In Palmistry, the structure of hands is described, like – KARMATH (hard working) HANDS, LAMBKAR (elongated) etc. The astrologer studies all the symptoms for future forecast, whose result is 100% correct.

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