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Nadi Jyotish is an important part of our Vedic science. At the time when making Horoscope was not easy and Astrology was known only to big saints and sages, Nadi Jyotish was popular and used to be cent percent correct. Nadi Jyotish is based on the intensity of blood circulation in the veins, the planet controlling the place of the pulse, the position of that planet in the present Lagna Kundali, the zodiac with which that planet is moving. On this basis, fine calculations are done to predict the present life situation of any human being.

Through this science, only a devotee can predict the result. Only the astrologers who have good command over astrology, planetary motion and Ganit and Falit jyotish can bring this science in proper use. This science is mainly in use in South India.

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