Considering our ancient history, it is seen that a good result oriented Muhurat is needed before doing any special or important work. The important reference book for decision of time is the Panchanga (the Indian calendar). Its five organs are Tithi, Var, Nakshatra, Yoga and Karan. A lucky Muhurat is obtained by the stage of movement of planets and the Zodiacs composed of the above five organs. The importance of a Muhurta is that work done in a good Muhurat is always lucky and destroys bad luck.

According to our Vedic customs, the ceremonies of human beings have been decided by Prophets and Astrologers according to their VARNA. The various ceremonies have been decided since pregnancy to death after the birth. Suitable Muhurta is considered of prime importance in the completion of those ceremonies. For selection of a suitable Muhurta, the presence of a learned Brahmin and the local Panchang is also very necessary. Here we name some of the important Muhurtas which are ideal for any kind of work, namely – ABHIJEET MUHURTA, YATRA MUHURTA, SARVA DEVA PRATISHTHA MUHURTA, VIVAH MUHURTA, DURAGAMAN MUHURTA, VIDYARAMBHA MUHURTA etc. The selection of Muhurat is considered necessary for various types of human ceremonies.

Muhurat has a unique importance in the attainment of Vedic and Tantrik Siddhis. Yoga (planetary situation) and Muhurat are given great importance in Astrology.

Abhijeet Muhurta becomes clearly visible on adding the local time of Sun Rise to the hour and minute of the local time. 1/30th part of the length of the day is called the MUHURTARTH. On adding and subtracting this Muhurtarth to the clear DINARDHA (½ of the length of day), the starting and ending time respectively of the Abhijeet Muhurta period can be known.

This Muhurta has a strange power to destroy all the shortcomings and evils. When a clear Lagna is not available in Muhurtas like Mundan or Akshararambh, then Abhijeet Muhurta should be used.

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