Hanuman Prashna Yantra


“Nase Rog Hare Sab Peera, Japat Nirantar Hanumat Veera
Bhoot Pishach Nikat Nahi Awe, Mahavir Jab Naam Sunawe.”

Lord Hanuman is present at all times. People of all class worship him, because he gives instant result. He is called by many names – Hanuman, Pawanputra, Aanjaneya, Kesarinandan etc. Being Ancient and Tantrik God, he is favorite of all. He is also worshipped as a village god in many rural areas. He is also a God of the people who perform witchcraft, Tantras and Mantras.

The most important thing is that besides being a great devotee, he is also the eleventh incarnation of Lord Shiva. In the epics related with story of Lord Rama, his ideal character is praised and narrated.

Valmiki Ramayana, Ramacharit Manas by Tulsidas and other such books declare him brave, strong and intelligence providing, siddhi providing, great servant of Rama. Not only in Treta Yuga, but also in Dwapar Yuga (periods of time), Lord Hanuman provided victory to Arjuna, being seated on the flag of his chariot. Even then, his existence and the character of Maruti is pure and provides holiness. He is also known for his perfect celibacy. That is why his worshippers are again and again made alert about following celibacy.

According to 66th chapter of KISHKINDHA KAND in the Valmiki Ramayana, once, Goddess Anjana, while seeing the natural beauty from a mountain, imagined about having a talented son. Suddenly, among the gusts of wind, it seemed to her that someone was touching her body. Being angry, she was about to curse when Vayudeva appeared. He explained the situation and told her that she would give birth to a brave son. Then Goddess Anjana forgave him.

In the Shatarudra Samhita of Shiv Purana, it is said that child Hanuman was extremely beautiful. Lord Brahma blessed him that he will remain unaffected by Brahma’s curse and his body will not be damaged by any weapon. Amidst all the Gods, Brahma told that Hanuman was a well-wisher of everyone and asked all the Gods to bless him. All Gods blessed him and went to their places.

Consecration to Hanuman by Sun God

Pawanputra proved out to be according to his name, and was very active since childhood. Due to his over activity, the saints who were descendants of the saint Bhrigu and Angira, cursed him to forget his strength for a long time due to which he disturbed those saints. He would recover from the curse when someone will remind him of his fame. Due to the curse of the saints, Hanuman became quiet and calm. He forgot his strength. Once, he was looking at the Sun and thought that the Sun was very far, and astonished how to reach to the Sun. His mother Anjana knew that Hanuman considered it difficult to reach to the God Sun due to the curse of the saints. She said, my son, it is not difficult for you to reach God Sun. Go and obtain knowledge from Sun God. You will be all right. Hearing mother’s words, Hanuman realized his strength and in a single jump, reached the Sun. He bowed down in respect of Sun God. Seeing the calm natured Hanuman, Sun asked, “My son, how did you come here?“. Hanuman joined his both hands and requested Sun God to provide knowledge to him. Then the Sun God provided him knowledge of the Vedas. After obtaining knowledge, Hanuman bowed down at the feet of Sun God, and asked him to tell his fees. As a fee, Sun God asked Hanuman to promise to help Sugriva, the younger brother of Bali, who was born from Sun’s effect. Hanuman promised to protect Sugriva. Saying this, Hanuman returned to his parents.

Method of Worship – This worship process can be started from any Tuesday, but during this period, pure and pious food and celibacy are essential, otherwise harm is fully possible. This worship process is of 21 days. It is necessary to wear red clothes, wear a garland of Lord Hanuman in the neck and sit on a red seat during the worship. At 10 p.m. in the night of Tuesday, after taking bath, wearing red clothes and the garland of Hanuman, sit down on a red seat. Place a wooden desk infront of you; place a red cloth on it. Establish a statue of Hanuman or a Hanuman Yantra on it and lit a lamp using oil. After the proper worship of the statue, recite the mentioned stotra loudly with proper tone for 108 times. After the recitation, offer laddoos made of churma to Hanuman. Consume the same offering yourself also and sleep on the same place. Continue this for a month. Recitation should be done fearlessly. On the last day, go to a Hanuman temple, and provide a dress to Hanuman’s statue. Then return home and complete the last stage of the worship properly. Then sleep down at the same place. Lord Hanuman will come in your dream and bless you to fulfill your desire.

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