Dream Interpretation


Since the evolution of life and human construction, dreams had come into existence. Dreams are related to human life. Dreams are mainly of three types – dreams of conscious state, those of sleeping state and of imaginary state.

Dreams of the conscious state are also called imaginative power. Such dreams are related with the previous birth of man. Here, being in the present, people dream of such future subjects whose completion depends upon time, situation, views and the living power. Such dreams may be true or false.

Dreams of the sleeping state indicate the previous birth, present time, direct and indirect information of future and their results. They are related with daily routine and its arrangement. Their result depends on the time of the dream. In the night, dreams seen before 12 o’ clock are false, with minimum result.

Dreams seen in the last phase of the night and in the dawn are generally true, with maximum result, but only when the person remembers the dream. If the dream is forgotten, its results are weak. The result of the dream also depends on the subject of the dream. For example, if a person eats sweets in the dream, it indicates his sickness. Eating of excreta indicates some good news and the person will eat sweet in some function. Seeing a dead body indicates some good news and gain of wealth. A burning pyre indicates the death news of some relative. Eating of flesh indicates his sickness. A woman in red clothes is an indication of death of the person. Having sex in the dream indicates physical contact with someone. Seeing God in dream, Yagya and other religious ceremonies, own marriage, playing children etc. are indicative of happiness, good luck and prosperity.

Dreaming of a widow, murder, untouchables, Lord Yama, quarrels, or own death indicate a big accident and bad luck. Seeing shemales, Goddess Laxmi, Ox, cow, river Ganga, river, flower of lotus, sex – all these indicate high success and gain of wealth. Similarly, seeing sage, beggar, married woman, pretty woman – all indicate luck, marriage and birth of a child. Journey in the dream is an indication of accident. Here, it is proved that dreams have a scientific basis which is reflected in the lives of both type of persons – atheists and spirituals. Actually, all dreams are basically related with the human mind, intelligence and the soul.

The third stage of the dreams is the imaginary one. If any person, during his life activity, is under influence of special happiness, sorrow, work, pressure, mental tension etc., he starts imagining about the good or bad effects of the future. He is able to get the results according to his thinking or imaginative power. A mixture of the state and experience of this imaginative dream is found in our dreams of the sleeping state. Our Vedic books give a description of the dreams of the people of ancient times. Dreams are also related to the position of the planets at the time of our birth. If in the horoscope of a person, there is a union of Rahu and Ketu, Rahu and Saturn, Ketu and Mars etc., in the central place (Lagna) , then that person sees ghosts, spirits, Shraddha, Karmas, and dead relatives in his dream. These dreams are related to the evil spirits, Pitri Dosha or the evil deeds during the previous life. If someone sees snakes in his dream, being caught among snakes, being bitten by a snake, it indicates serious situations like Kaala Sarpa Yoga in his life. But if he merely sees black or yellow snake, it is a lucky sign and indicates mercy of Lord Shiva.

This whole Universe is like a dream, which is an essence of the formation of the ten worlds. This momentary world has developed as a result of the imaginary dream of the TRIDEVAS. It is due to the result of this dream that truth, untruth, good, bad, gain, loss and other such worldly things are formed and destroyed in this world. So, dream is a shadow, visible to man from time to time for his guidance and they give full results.

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