Solstice – In one era (year), there are two solstices, known as Solstice Month.

1. Northern solstice (summer), the period of six months when the SAYAN Sun exists from Capricorn zodiac to the Gemini zodiac – a period known as Northern solstice period. Mostly, this period exists around 22 December to 20-21 June. There are 3 seasons – winter, spring and summer in the Northern solstice. Northern solstice is known as the Gods day. In the Northern solstice period, New house warming ceremony, initiation, God prestige yajna or oblation, fasting ritual, marriage, tonsure, etc. work are believed to be successful.

2. Southern Solstice (winter) – this period is known as Gods night. When SAYAN Sun enters into cancer zodiac and moves towards Sagittarius zodiac – this period is also for 6 months from 21 -22 June to 21 December. In Southern Solstice, tonsure, upanayana ritual, Special good creations are prohibited and Narsingh, Bhairov, Warah, Durga etc. God and Goddess prestige and pronounced vindictive experiments are successful. There is an inclusion of rainy, winter and pre-winter in the Southern solstice.

Hemisphere – the half part situated at northern pole of space surface over the earth is called Northern Hemisphere and remaining second part is known as Southern Hemisphere.

When the Sun is towards SAYAN Aries Zodiac to Virgo Zodiac, then it will be northern hemisphere and when SAYANARK Libra towards Pisces Zodiac, it will be PADAMPRIYA Southern Hemisphere. These are the base of Solstice Indian astrology.

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