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Ask Ganesha Questionnaire is an integral part of Indian Vedic chain through which we come to know about the answers to questions that arise in our mind from Lord Vighna Vinashak Ganesh. We know about heaven journey, presage, good or evil fruit of life, all by doing meditation and remembrance of Lord Shri Ganesh. This Questionnaire, knowledge or lore was started by Astrologer Mr. Bejan Daruwalla for human use. The ancient questionnaire education system of Shri Ganesh Ji is applied or used in both Western culture and Indian Culture. This education system or lore is completely effective, doable and lucrative. But, only when answerer has great mercy of Lord Shri Ganesh, then answers of the questions asked from Shri Ganesh are found 100% true. Thus, in Indian astrology question-answer system, Ganesh Questionnaire is certified or proved.

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