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Since ancient Vedic times, the Naming ceremony came into existence with the birth of human beings. The mutual coordination of human names develops the KARMA BHAVA of the humans. As a result, people having names with mutual coordination live happily while the people with the effect of opposite names spend a miserable life. The effect of the names of husband and wife is visible in every married life. If the names of husband and wife are different from their rival zodiac signs or opposite astrological views, then their life is devoid of happiness. If a business partner has an opposite name, then they will have conflicting views. On the other hand, if both the partners have favorable names, then their business prospers. Therefore for every human relationship, man must look for coordination between their name and the names of the related persons. For mutual coordination of names, or improving the names with harmful effects, some letters may be added or removed from the names. This work can be done by any good astrologer or numerologist. A good name may be selected by considering the mutual good or bad relations among the twelve zodiacs, odd – even numbers or considering their superiority and inferiority. Similarly, on the basis of mutual coordination between the odd and even numbers formed on the basis of numeric astrology, selection of good names and their mutual similarity can be decided. Thus, it becomes clear that in this worldly life, business life, educational life and all the fields related with establishment of human relations, the Naming ceremony has a special importance. Following it and selecting good names, we can get success in every field.

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