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Astrology is a part of Vedas that takes us towards safe path by removing our future darkness. According to Vedas, there are four Ashrams – Brahmacharya (student), Grihastha (householder), Vanaprastha (retired) and Sannyasa (renunciation). In these four Ashram systems, Grihastha ashram is most required and it is foundation stone of all compliance of Ashram by human, Devrishi and father etc. One has to get rid of all debt, become debt free and achieve ultimate welfare. It is compulsory for bridegroom and bride, to inculcate best features and to enter this Ashram. Bridegroom – bride must be soft spoken, moral, healthy, educated, sinless, and cultured; apart from all these features, they have to fulfill several other factors according to astrology.

Before a marital relationship is fixed, boy and girl’s qualities are viewed – like ancestry (kul), clan (gotra), knowledge, wealth, body muscularity, age etc. – then only a relationship is established. In the same way, horoscope matching has also done according to astrology. After the most incisive and deep study, bridegroom – bride’s ascendant magazine (Lagna patrika) is done. Where auspicious and unlucky, female, widower, sin kartri and varnadi etc. ideas are done. Where both boy and girl horoscopes are different – emotions present in planets fourth, seventh, eighth and second emotions in these sitting planets (related to seventh emotions), planets matching is mandatory. When In any horoscope, Mangal (Mars) is at first, fourth, seventh, or twelfth place, then MANGLIK YOG is formed. In bridegroom and bride horoscope, if planetary matching is not proper, then to establish a relationship is not the right decision. And if there is Mangalik yog and Sin kartari Yog in Kundli, then it’s very important to do rectification before establishing relationships anywhere.

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