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Persons born at any place come under main 12 Zodiacs. The Horoscope of any person is considered from place of Moon in the Birth Chart (Kundli) at birth time. For example – if in any person’s birth chart or Kundli, Scorpio ascendant is there, it means Number 8 Ascendant and Moon is also at 8th place in Kundli, then the person’s Zodiac will be Scorpio. But If Moon will be at 1st place in Birth Chart or Kundli, then the person will be Aries – the first Zodiac. If Moon will be at 4th place in Birth Chart or Kundli, then the person’s Zodiac will be Cancer. In Indian Astrology, the person’s Zodiac will depend on position of Moon and Ascendant means the Zodiac will be that with whom Moon’s combination is found and the same will be the Zodiac. In human life, the Zodiac is decided on the basis of Janm Kundli (birth chart) and that Zodiac will be fully effective. The name base Zodiac is less fruitful and less effective.

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