Yoga was provided as a boon for human welfare, by the sage Patanjali, of Ayurveda. Ancient sages and scholars enjoyed a long and healthy life by using the articles of Yoga, as told by Patanjali. The Vedic books tell us five sutras of Yoga. These are AASANA, MUDRA, PRAANAAYAAM, YOGA AND DHYAANA. Yoga is an important sutra for people of all age. By using it, everyone can enjoy a healthy and happy life. Through Yogasana, we can save ourselves and the humanity from various fatal and serious diseases. Some major Yogas are useful for various diseases, for e.g. SHIRSHASANA for hair fall and whitening, KAPAL BHANTI for making the body free of poison, PADMASANA etc. Yoga makes it easy and possible to live for a hundred years in this polluted world where water, food and even air is polluted. International Yoga Day is celebrated throughout the world on 21st June, which is a positive and praiseworthy effort. It is expected that humans will use the yoga sutras given by Maharshi Patanjali and spend a happy life.

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