Meditation decides a balanced state of mind by incorporating the various thoughts arising in the mind of human beings. Since ancient times, before the origin of human being, the gods, the sages and the demons have been using meditation for fulfillment of their desires.

Meditation starts from the recitation of a Beejmantra and continues till the Beejmantra is stopped. As it is known to everyone, there is a conscious mind as well as an unconscious mind in every human brain, in the form of thought and is always active. As a result, the speed of mind is found to be faster than even electricity. Within a moment, this mind goes to America and at the next moment comes back to India. Meditation Yoga has been described in Vedas and the eternal book – Gita. It is a scientific fact that if a person is standing beside a sleeping person, then the sleeping person is able to feel the presence of someone near him. The person sleeps but his soul; his heart beat and his mind are never inactive. Due to these reasons and on the basis of imagination, dreams also come, but that field is a different one.

Meditation is complete in itself. The person who meditates becomes eternal, balanced and virtuous. It was through this power of meditation that the Brahma-Vishnu-Mahesh, Karna-Arjun, Rama-Krishna, Vashishth-Bhardwaj and the whole human race has enjoyed supreme life. A meditating person is able to keep away from the thoughts and enjoy all stages of life. Therefore regular practice of meditation is necessary for everyone in the daily life.

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