Color Therapy


It is a fact that human life is based on the Sun and its source of light. Thousands of years back, some countries recognized the healing power of colors. Examples of color therapy are famous in Egypt, Greece and China. Considering the importance of colors, their use can be seen separately. For example. Coloring the houses according to need, selection of colors from nature, blue from sky, green from the plants etc. Use of colors for treatment is not new. Evidences indicate that about two thousand years ago, colors were used in therapy. It gained popularity in the last few years. Books were also written in this field – “The psychological effect of colors“, written by John Wolfgang Geethe was quite famous. Color therapy is also called Chromotherapy. The walls of the hospital are colored green or blue only due to their good effect. The curtains are also of the same color. These colors have psychological effect on the patients – they make the blood pressure normal, reduce tension, decrease the anger, soften the mood and thus make the patient healthy. Use of colors is a miracle in the field of medicine, it gives enthusiasm to the people and they feel close to nature.

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