There are 8 days and night in a Chogadia and total 16 choughariya in an Ahoratra. In CHOUGHARIYA Chakra or chart, name of Chaghadiya Muhurat is given in front of days like Sunday, etc.

The starting period of day -night Choughariya Muhurat has been given in hours & Min. in front of dates at Left side in 10 -10 days interval. There is only need to know, what particular day will be there in the year, month, and date. We will start seeing the particular day in the desire year of English Month given infront of Choughariya Muhurat. For example – In year 2000, Diwali is on 26th of October, Thursday – if 24 date is Imprint, then we will see it at 26 date ratio. So, in Thursdays, day of particular period of Choughariya Muhurat in sequence 61:33 is lucky, 71:46 is disease, 21:22 is udveg, 20:1::14 is benefit, 23:1:28 is Nectar, 24:15:2 kal and from 26:1:23, lucky Choughariya will start

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