Holi is an important festival according to Hindu customs. It is a symbol of joy, happiness, and brotherhood. Hiranya kashyapu was a fierce demon in ancient times. He did not believe in God, was sinful and maintained rivalry with the Gods. When time of his end and the end of his sins arrived, then his wife gave birth to Bhakta Prahlada. He always recited God’s name and preached for the devotion to God. Hiranya kashyapu had a sister named Holika. The brother and the sister together plotted a plan to kill Prahlad. They made a wooden pyre and Holika took Prahlad in her lap. Then she sat in the pyre because Prahlad’s father had not been successful in killing Prahlad. The pyre was put to fire at mid night on Phalgun Purnima. In that heavily burning pyre, Holika herself burnt down but Bhakta Praklada was not affected by the fire. Being angry at this, the demon father of Prahlad tried to kill Prahlad with his club. At that moment, Lord Narsimha appeared to save Prahlad, and killed the demon Hiranya Kashyapu. Holi is celebrated as a symbol of end of the demon habits and the protection of religion.

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