Hanuman Jayanti


Bajrang Bali, the great devotee of Lord Rama, is present even today as an immortal God. According to astrology, on the purnima of the chaitra month, the eleventh incarnation of Lord Shiva, took birth at the home of mother Anjana, as the child Hanuman, for the purpose to serve Lord Rama. Every year this day is celebrated as the birthday of Lord Hanuman. He is standing infront of lord Rama as a servant, with both the palms joined. Hanuman is one of the ashta chiranjivis (He is immortal and ever young). He did not attain death. He is present everywhere for the human welfare. He had destroyed the pride of Lord Shani, and Shani, the son of Sun, promised that he will not make anyone suffer inspite of being present in their zodiac if he is a devotee of Lord Hanuman. Celebrating the birthday of Lord Hanuman, we celebrate his wisdom, strength, valor and sacrifice.

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