The stones have a unique role in every field in this world. The result of all elements inherent in these stones is related to human life. The stone is called as “God” in Indian Astrology that is capable of giving direct results to any human. Gemstone means a stone which is able and important in changing the future. But the adviser should be an Expert and wearer must be faithful. There is an inclusion of varied rare and effective gemstones in the series of gemstones. Humans are using these gemstones, for their work accomplishment, success, happiness, prosperity etc. There are a few gemstones which are important & very expensive and few of them are very cheap yet very effective and magical. Blue sapphire, Lajward (Lapis Lazuli), Agate (substitute of ruby), Coral, Pearl, Topaz, Lahassania (Ketu-ratna) etc. are available in effective series. While some effective and rare gemstones are gifted with devotional powers to show magic in a moment for example – Topaz, Emerald, Sapphire, Diamond etc. There is a unique world of Gemstones where nothing is impossible only if it is used properly with trust.

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