Ganga Dusshera


Ganga Dusshera is celebrated in the memory of descent of Goddess Ganga from God Shiva’s hair. After tough tenacity (tap) by Bhagiratha on this day (Ganga Dusshera), Maa Goddess Ganga descended on Earth from Heaven. Therefore, this great holy festival is celebrated. On this day, people do fasting to please God Vishnu. Holy fasting people don’t drink water too and listen ekadashi vrat katha (story). Next day, fasting people do charity or Dan – Punya and Gatka dan (pot) and after that they complete their fast and drink water. On this day, people become the part of sacrosanct (Punya) by doing charity of Banana, Coconut, Pomegranate, Betel nut, Melon, Mango, water poured clay pot, and handmade bamboo fan.

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