Chaitra Navaratri


It is universally known that this world has originated due to the blessings and love of BHAG (energy) and WAAN (Shiva). Vedic festivals like Shivaratri and Dusshera are celebrated in the whole world including India. It proves that in the whole world, the Vedic Religion is the father of all religions. Remaining all are different forms of the religion, affected by the caste, color, difference, followers, community and political views. The originator of this whole world is Mother Goddess, who exists in this universe in the form of Energy. All the requirements and luxuries of the organisms in each house in this world are provided by this Mother Goddess. The British had declared 1st January to be celebrated as the New Year for the purpose of mixing Indian and Western cultures and changing the Indian tradition, out of jealousy. There is no evidence in history for this. But according to our Vedic Customs, every year on the first day of the first Hindi month of Chaitra, the first arrival of Mother Goddess takes place, for human welfare. We celebrate it as Chaitra Navaratri. Ram Navami, the birth of Lord Rama is also celebrated in this month.

Similarly, the Navaratra of Mother Goddess is also celebrated after every three months, out of which two Navaratras are considered secret, which are known for Tantrik actions. On the occasion of this Navaratra, KALASH STHAPAN is done nearly in every home throughout the world, in the human groups of Sanatan Dharma, Hindu Dharma and others. DURGA – SAPTASHATI, included in the epic of DEVI PURANA, tells about all the characters of Mother Goddess. On the day of the Rama Navami, Vedic function is celebrated through departure, devotional songs throughout the night and Bhandara (free meals to every one). In all these Navaratras, the Physical, Spiritual and Bodily sorrows and pains of the human life are relieved. The completion is done with the obvious blessings of the Goddess Saraswati, Mahakali and Mahalaxmi.

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