It has been said in ancient granthas that the body of the Mantra god is immortal, on making the Yantra siddha, the God stays in it and it can fulfil all the desires of man.

Yantras are of various types – Bhuprishtha, Meruprishtha, Patal, Teruprastha, Koorma prishtha are the important ones. Lines, numbers, Beeja and Mantras are used in the Yantras. Yantras are writted with the ink made from ashtagandha, panchgandha, saffron, turmeric or sindoor. They are written on Bhoj patra, copper, silver or gold plates with a pen that is made of the branches of pomegranate, jasmine, neem, mango or aak; or the feathers of birds. If the Prana Pratishtha is of the yantra done in a suitable Muhurta, they can fulfil the desires and change the life also.

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