As symbolised by its name, Rudraksh is a seed obtained from a fruit, and has been described in the Vedas. Rudra + Aksha = Rudraksha. On the basis of ancient history, it has been proved that when Lord Shiva {Rudra} was meditating, sympathy for the world arose in his heart. Tears fell from his eyes on the earth, and the tears developed into Rudraksha trees. It is available for human welfare. Rudraksha trees are found in the Himalayan Ranges, especially in Nepal, Tibet etc. which are pure places. Rudraksha contains all the features of Lord Shiva. It has the strange ability to make human life balanced and happy.

Rudraksha may have one face {1 mukhi} to 21 faces {21 mukhi}. It is said that if a person has 1 mukhi Rudraksha, he enjoys all the worldly pleasures and finally attains salvation. Availability of 1 mukhi Rudraksha is not possible, but when Lord Shiva is pleased at someone, he can get 1 mukhi, 2 mukhi or 21 mukhi Rudraksha easily, if effort is made.

Scholars have said that if a man gets affected by an incurable disease and no medicine works, then 2 mukhi, 5 mukhi, 8 mukhi , 11 mukhi , 16 mukhi rudraksha should be taken and put in Ganga water or simple water for the whole night. In the morning, that water along with the Bilwa Bhasma should be taken. This will cure all the incurable diseases, but that person must be a pure vegetarian, not using liquor, and should have full faith in God.

Thus, Rudraksh is a form of Shiva himself. The person, who keeps even a single rudraksha with his body, is equivalent to Shiva.

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