Baisakhi is a special festival of Indian Culture. We celebrate Makar Sankranti when the Sun enters the Zodiac Capricorn like that way when Sun enters the Zodiac Aries, then we celebrate Baisakhi festival. There is another reason of Baisakhi celebration – when the wheat crops are harvested and reach a farmer’s home from the fields, all hearts are happy. Apart from religious point of view, there is a historical view also of Baisakhi celebration which is that on this occasion, Guru Gobind Singh introduced Sikh community and said he wants one head and the whole gathering became silent. And one by one, five people went in the tent and from the tent stream of blood came out. When sixth time Guru Gobind Singh came out from tent, then five people were with him – Thus, Baisakhi festival is a symbol of trust and love towards one’s Guru (Master).

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