Akshya Tritya


Indian Month’s Vaishakha mash Shukla-paksh Tritiya tithi (third day) is called AKSHAYA TRITIYA or Akha Teej. According to Indian Mythological texts (Granths), whatever good work is done on this day will surely get AKSHAYA Fal (success), thus it is called AKSHAYA TRITIYA. By the way, all the Indian Month’s (mash) shukla paksh Tritiya Tithi is lucky but Vaishakha mash tritiay tithi (day) is a self-proved lucky date. According to future Mythology, this date or Tithi is counted from historical era. The beginning of Satyuga and Treta Yuga is also done on this day or Tithi. Lord Vishnu has also taken incarnation of Lord Nar Narayan Hayagriv PARASURAMA on this Tithi. The battle of Mahabharata also ended on the same Tithi (day). AKSHAYA TRITIYA Vrat (fasting) is very important. All the auspicious work started on AKSHAYA TRITIYA never decay. Thus this Tritiya is known as AKSHAYA TRITIYA.

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