Intensive Consultation

Intensive Consultation

1 Hour 30 Minutes SKYPE/ Google Hangout Call with our empaneled Astrologer

In case you know your time, date and place of birth; fill a simple form and we will tell you about your nature, past, present and future on a Skype/ Google Hangout session, by using the great and ancient science of Indian astrology. In case you also know the time, date and place of birth of the Boy/ Girl you like, we’ll tell you the astrological compatibility between you two for a long-term relationship. If you just know your date of birth, we will give your astrological predictions using Numerology – both for your nature, past, present and future; and as well as compatibility between you and the Boy/ Girl. You may also know right initial Alphabet to decide a name for your baby, and almost all aspects of your Life. If you can give only your name, we’ll utilize other insightful branches of Indian astrology to answer you.

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100% Personalised Answers and Reports

Let our expert Astrologers, trained personally guide you towards a better future, filled with happiness and success!

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